My First Foam Pogo Jumper

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1. Conduct sensory training between jumps to improve children's attention concentration, motor coordination ability, and balance the interaction between the mind, brain, and body

2. Playing frog jumps every day helps with height growth, and children using frog jumps can help with height growth

3. The luminous handle emits neon lights on both sides as the jumping rhythm progresses.

4. Thickened and widened foot pads, suitable for various training methods, soft, thick, and elastic, ensuring stable and safe standing.

5. The fun of playing with the built-in speaker never stops, and the built-in speaker on the stepping pad adds fun and vitality, cultivating children's sense of rhythm

Product specifications:

Material: New environmentally friendly rubber

Age of use: Over 3 years old

packaging includes:

Color box packaging: Frog jumps one