POP MART Hirono Mime Series Mystery Box 1PC/12PCS

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Product Description

Each individual is but a vast, solemn labyrinth, teeming with hidden chambers and veiled passageways, a testament to inner complexities. We wander aimlessly within, often lost, seeking answers. Like performers tragically overlooked by the relentless march of time, we remain oblivious, drowning in the depth of our own enigmatic existence.

Product Information

Name: Hirono Mime Series Mystery Box


Material: PVC/ABS/Hardware/Battery

Size: Height about 5.3-10.1 cm

Age: 15+

Standard: T/CPQS C010-2022

Hirono Mime Series Figures contains 12 regular products, 1 secret product. The whole set contains 12 blind boxes.

The probability of the secret items of this blind box series is 1:144, that is, every 144 products have 1 secret.

Blind Box Rule

1. Blind Box (Mystery Box) refers to the type of packaging that keeps the collectible toy as a mystery until it is opened. Blind boxes typically come in series that shows a collection; some figurines are rarer to find than others, these are referred to as "secret", "hidden" or "chase" figures.

2. If there is a secret figure in the box, one basic figure might be replaced randomly.