Sassi My First Logic Games Matching Penguins

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Penguin Snowflake needs help to complete all the Sudoku puzzles. Children, thanks to the logic game par excellence, will learn to reason, develop attention and concentration while having fun, creating many combinations of colourful PINGUINS and, for a more captivating challenge, NUMBERS according to the classic rules of the game. Fiocco will also unveil 3 more game variations and accompany them in the 16-page booklet full of logic games in the box.

With 20 different 4x4 patterns and all solutions, 32 coloured wooden pieces and 2 cards on which on which to place them to create various combinations, this game is suitable for children aged 4 years and over. It stimulates reasoning, develops attention and concentration, offers an excellent first approach to mathematics and is perfect for those who like a challenge.