Silverlit Astropod Crystal Mission

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Experience the thrill of science with the Crystal Mission! With special chemical and crystal powder, you can grow your own colour crystal and explore the fascinating properties of crystals. Put your crystal on the light scanner to perform extensive research and learn more about its unique features.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:
• Grow Real Crystals: Use special chemical and crystal powder to grow your very own colour crystal.

• Science Experiment: Learn the science behind crystal formation and conduct a real science experiment.

• LED Lights: Illuminate your crystal with built-in LED lights to enhance its features.

• Battery Operated: No need for cords or plugs, this kit is powered by batteries for easy use.

• Collectible Achievement Card: Celebrate your success with a special collectible card that recognizes your accomplishment.

• Astronaut Figurine: Enhance your space mission with an included astronaut figurine.

• Fun Fact Leaflet: Learn something new with a leaflet filled with fascinating facts related to the space mission.

The Crystal Mission is perfect for young aspiring scientists who are eager to learn about crystal formation and explore the wonders of science. With this kit, you can conduct a real science experiment and discover the unique properties of crystal with ease. So, get ready to embark on an exciting scientific journey and unlock the secrets of crystal!

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