Soft Toy Fumofumo-san - Mr. Fumofumo (M) Renren Orange

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Fumofumo-san, first discovered in 2002, is an unidentified creature that lives on spiders.
The fluffy* and fuzzy feeling plush toy has been loved by many people and has been a mainstay of travel companions and plush photo shoots since it was first released.
Since its first release, it has been used as a travel companion and a main character in plush photography.

Renren, like Panna, has long, clear eyes with long eyelashes, and long, fluffy cheek hair.
She has long, fluffy hair on her cheeks.
She is proud of her big, thick, striped tail.
She has a girlish appearance like Panna, but she is a tomboy who climbs trees with ease.
She sometimes peeks out from the top of the marshmallow tree.

We don't know much about her yet.

Total Length: Approx. 20cm