Whack-a-Mole Decompression Toy

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• Hand-Eye Coordination Toy :This Mini Whack-a-Mole toy is designed to improve hand-eye coordination in children, making it a fun and educational tool for kids 14 years old and above.

• Decompression Aid :The Pinch Finger Decompression feature of this toy provides a relaxing activity for children, helping them release tension and stress after school or during leisure time.

• Random Color Design :The random color design of this toy adds an element of surprise and delight, making each play session unique and engaging for children.

• Easy to Play :With its simple whack-a-mole mechanism, this toy is easy to play, making it suitable for both young children and teenagers.

• Chinese Origin :Originating from Mainland China, this toy reflects the country's rich cultural heritage and high-quality craftsmanship.

• Color & Shape Category :Belonging to the Color & Shape sub-category, this toy not only enhances coordination but also stimulates children's visual perception and understanding of colors and shapes.


Product name: Mini Whack-a-mole toy

Product size: 9.7*9.3*4.3cm

Product color: Color


Two-Player Duel: Ideal for two players to compete, adding interactivity and competition to the game.

Reaction Speed: Helps players improve reaction times and hand-eye coordination.

Interactive Entertainment: Perfect for playing with friends and family, creating joyful moments.

Compact Design: Miniature size for easy portability, allowing gaming on-the-go.

Learning Interaction: Aids in cultivating attention and focus, especially beneficial for children.


Safe Usage: Ensure the device is secure and safe for players to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Small Components: Supervise children to ensure they do not lose or swallow small components.