CaDA ARCTIC CAT Wildcat XX C62006W

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ARCTIC CAT Official License

CaDA WILDCAT off-road vehicle is a highly detailed 1:12 scale model. Features off-road racing suspension, spacious cabin, standard full doors, oversized fenders and air intakes. The product comes with a power pack, which is full of movement.

1. The remote control controls forward and backward, left and right steering linkage steering wheel.
2. High-speed driving function, super power.
3. Simulate four-wheel shock absorbers, easily cope with various terrain slopes.
4. Simulation of roll cage design.
5. The headlights can be turned on to increase the realism of remote control driving at night


Embark on thrilling CaDA Arctic Cat adventures. Introducing the meticulously crafted replica of the Wildcat XX - now available in an elegant combination of timeless grey and striking red. Once you've assembled the model, unleash its full potential with the high-performance CaDA power pack, complete with a supercharged buggy motor. The model is equipped with front and back suspension, high grip tires, opening doors, and working front lights, this buggy is designed to take your remote control adventures to the next level just like regular RC toy truck. The RC buggy set C62006W includes a power pack complete with a remote control, battery, servo motor pro, buggy motor, and LED lights.

Model Number: C62006W
Difficulty: Medium
Pieces: 686
Scale: 1:8
Product Size: L31-W17-H17cm
Color Box Measure: L38-W30-H9cm

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