CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W

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1. The appearance is designed by Japanese street tea shop, with large size and rich internal details;

2. Appearance details: Japanese architectural style, signboard, courtyard at the entrance of the first floor, balcony on the second floor, external air-conditioner, wall lamp, vending machine, sliding door, street lamp;

3. Interior details: living room furniture, tea sets, chandeliers, etc. on the first and second floors;

4. Building design: break through the conventional single family building design style, and the design of two half sections has excellent display effect;

5. The quick dismantling structure can take out each floor and view the interior;

6. It can be combined with C66007 Summer Hefeng Coffee Shop and C66006 Japanese style Steamed Bun Shop to form a Japanese style Hefeng Business Street.