DOUBLE E Licensed Mercedes-Benz Arocs RC Flatbed Trailer 1/26 Scale E663-003

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  • Remote control flatbed trailer and excavator set combination.
  • Split structure, the front and flat car can be manually removed, the front can rotate about 90 degrees.
  • The flat tail plate can be manually put down/put away.
  • Flat car support foot design, disassembled state, stable without dumping.
  • All-round simulation remote control, forward/backward, left/right turn.
  • Excavator: manual digging/unloading, operation table left and right rotation.
  • Switch between fast and slow modes to increase playability.
  • Simulation car sound: acceleration sound, steering sound, backward sound, horn and mute.
  • Simulation LED lights, support night play.
  • 2.4GHz anti-interference automatic code, can be multi-car competitive play.