GAN 13 Maglev 3x3 Stickerless Speed Cube

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  • The GAN 13 M MagLev is here to be the future of Speedcubing! The highly anticipated version of GAN offers unprecedented features with its 88 installed cube magnets achieving spectacular rotation speed.
  • The MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) technology makes the solving of the cube even faster and smoother.
  • With 6 magnet intensity settings and 6 different tension options , the GAN 13 M MagLev offers the possibility of a fully customizable experience, as you are invited to choose from a total of 216 possible cube set-ups.

The UV Coated model stands out for its glossy finish and improved grip of the cube.

The cube comes with the GAN bag and storage box, the cube adjustment tool and a tutorial on learning the CFOP solution method.

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