NERF Elite 2.0 Rookie Pack

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Nerf Elite Junior easy-play Nerf blasters are designed for boys and girls who are blasting into Nerf battles for the first time. Special features make them easy to play with, so kids will be playing exciting Nerf indoor and outdoor games in no time. Nerf Elite Junior blasters are easy to hold, sized to fit comfortably in small hands, and lightweight for easy carrying in kids outdoor games. The front-loading design makes it easy to insert darts. Blasting is easy, with handles having the lowest pull force of any Nerf dart blasters. All these features let kids experience the thrill of blasting all by themselves. The Nerf Elite Junior Rookie Pack is great for first-time targeting-blasting. It has an 8-dart drum and oversized aimer, blasts 8 darts in a row, includes 4 targets and 32 Nerf Elite darts for multiple reloads. Eyewear recommended (not included). Blasters each sold separately, subject to availability. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Shooter
  • 32 darts
  • 4 targets

Product features

  • Easy-play blaster: this nerf elite junior rookie pack toy blaster has an easy-play design, so kids can enjoy exciting nerf dart blasting play all on their own in indoor and outdoor games
  • Easy to hold: the toy foam blaster in this targeting set is sized to fit comfortably in small hands and has a lightweight design that's easy for children to hold and carry
  • Easy to load & blast: the blaster handle has the lowest pull force of any nerf dart blaster, so it's easy for kids to pull back by themselves. the darts insert easily into the front of the blaster
  • Targeting set: the nerf elite junior rookie pack has an 8-dart drum. use the oversized aimer to line up darts at the targets and blast 8 darts in a row. includes 32 nerf elite darts for multiple reloads
  • Active play: nerf dart blasting is an awesome way to get boys and girls moving, with fun kids outdoor games that encourage physical and social indoor and outdoor play

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