GAN Swift Block WiSlide Puzzle Games 1000+ Challenges

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  • WiSlide comes preloaded with 1,000 challenges. Online game library offers 1,000,000 challenges. Download the "SlideVerse" APP to access and download new challenges.

  • Real-time tracking of chess pieces for the first time²: The smart chessboard is equipped with a high-precision magnetic sensor to accurately track the movement of chess pieces, achieving real-time tracking/anti-cheating/AI guidance.

  • AI Guidance: Complete the challenge without any action required and AI will analyze it within a second to see if it can be solved.

  • Long-lasting battery, long-lasting fun: When fully charged, wiSlide provides 15 hours of non-stop fun.

  • Wide range of brightness and volume adjustment: 15 levels of adjustment, suitable for all moods and scenes.

  • 6 languages for global players: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, French, German, Spanish,Japanese.