CaDA SUZUKI JIMNY C62001W - Non-Motorized

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Achieve the perfect look with our 2-in-1 classic CaDA 2018 SUZUKI Jimny off-road vehicle and off-road station wagon shape, complete with a variety of customizable accessories for the ultimate off-road experience. With both manual and automatic operation modes, LED light control, and multi-car interactive play, this is the perfect addition to any off-road enthusiast's collection.
CaDA Bricks Suzuki with App based control, kids can not only build a cool truck, but also learn the basics of drag & drop programming.


Pieces: 579

Scale: 1:12

Motorized unit - chassies based car model

Difficulty: medium


This awesome Suzuki Jimny (C51201W) set comes with two different ways to play - either with the classic radio control or by using your phone as a remote. Plus, there's even spring-loaded doors and rear suspension for added realism and fun! And if that's not enough, you can also use scratch programming to create custom routes and controls for your Jimny. With so many amazing features, the CaDA Suzuki Jimny set is sure to provide hours of fun!

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