PET Simulator X - Mystery Pet Minifigures 2-Pack S2 - Assortment

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Hatch your eggs and discover your new pet, with the Mystery Pet 2-Pack from the hit game series, Pet Simulator! Each egg will reveal 1 of 20, Series 2 pets! All packs include a valuable DLC code, a stand, and accessories to make your new pet extra special. Build your pet collection today. You never know when you’ll find a rare Rainbow, Golden, or Dark Matter pet!


  • MYSTERY: 20 different Pets to collect!
  • VALUABLE DLC: Each pack includes a Rare DLC Code!
  • PET RARITY: Find rare chase figures like Rainbow, Golden, and Dark Matter Pets, with exclusive finishes.
  • STANDS and Accessories: Use the stand to display your new pet, and the accessories to make it extra special.
  • SERIES 2: Collect all Pet Simulator, Series 2 toys today!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Genuine Pet Simulator merchandise, by PhatMojo.

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