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• Educational Toy :This children's simulation sound amplifier microphone is an early education enlightenment tool, designed to foster singing and music skills from a young age.

• Age Recommendation :Ideal for children aged 3-6 years, this toy musical instrument helps develop their creativity and musical appreciation.

• Material Durability :Made from high-quality plastic, this microphone is durable and built to withstand the enthusiastic use by young kids.

• Easy to Use :The microphone is user-friendly and easy to operate, making it perfect for children's imaginative play.

• Portable Design :Its compact and lightweight design allows children to carry it around easily, enhancing their playtime flexibility.

Product Information


1. The simulation design of the microphone can satisfy children's curiosity and desire for role-playing, which can effectively stimulate their imagination and creativity.

2. The built-in amplification function allows children to amplify their voice when singing, making them feel like a real singer and enhancing their confidence.

3. It can play music and comes with pre-recorded songs, which can cultivate children's interest in music and singing.

4. The product is made of high-quality plastic materials, which are safe and non-toxic, ensuring the safety of children while playing.


Product name: Children's music microphone

Product size: 5.5*20.5cm

Packaging size: 5.5*8*28cm

Product color: blue

Age for use: 3Y+

Product Material: Plastic

Package included

1XMusic microphone(Batteries not included)


1. This product is suitable for children to play and learn singing. Please ensure that an adult is present to supervise before use and avoid any potential danger.

2. Do not place the product in high temperature, humid, or direct sunlight areas to avoid affecting the performance and lifespan of the product.

3. Please clean and disinfect the product promptly after use to avoid bacterial growth.

3. If there is damage or malfunction, do not disassemble or repair by yourself, but seek advice from professionals or after-sales services.

4. Please pay attention to the volume when using, and avoid causing hearing damage by excessive use.

5. Do not throw or strike the product forcefully to avoid damage or personal injury.

6. Do not use the product for improper purposes or connect it with other electrical appliances to avoid electrical malfunctions.

7. It is recommended to clean the product surface with a clean and soft cloth or tissue, and avoid using corrosive chemicals or hard objects for wiping.