X-Shot Red Excel Quick-Slide Foam Dart Blaster 2 Pack (Frustration Free Packaging)

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The X-SHOT Quick-Slide is the ultimate high-capacity blaster for every kind of foam battle.

It features an innovative and highly effective auto-sliding side clip, allowing foam flingers to blast out all darts in the 10-dart capacity clip in no time. It blast up to 90ft / 27meters so you can hit your target from epic distances.

When you run out of ammo, simply take out the clip and refill. Then you are ready to get back in the action. With power this extreme, you can take on enemies without fear. Up your game with the high fire rate of 4-darts per second, your opponents do not stand a chance.

Suitable Ages: 8+ years.

  • SPEED: Use the top priming handle to activate the auto-sliding clip and blast at a firing rate of 4-darts per second.
  • FIRING POWER: The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide can hit targets from 27m / 90 feet away.
  • AUTO-SLIDING CLIP: Load 10 darts into the side clip and slide into the blaster to start your battle.
  • 24 DARTS: The X-Shot Excel Quick-Slide comes with 30 darts to keep you loaded all battle.
  • ALL NEW RED: X-Shot Blaster now comes in the newest, cleanest red!