Boom City Racers Series 1 Fireworks Factory Playset

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Fire up for some explosive action at the Boom City Racers Fireworks Factory! With three explosive ways to play! Take on the Mega Boom challenge and launch your racer at the factory door and burst it open - BOOM! Fireworks rockets fly into the air and the walls burst apart! Take on the 2 Player FAST BLAST challenge and be the first to hit the factory and Fire Up the rockets! Then go head to head on the Double Trouble Ramp Jump for some BANG-ON action! The Fireworks Factory comes with one exclusive "Da Boss" car and one launcher!


  • 1 x PLAYSET
  • 1 x RIP CORD
  • 1 x VEHICLE

Product Features

  • Three Explosive Ways To Play! The Boom City Racers Fireworks Factory isn't just one amazing playset! It transforms to give you three awesome ways to play!
  • Take On The Mega Boom Challenge. Launch your Boom City Racer at the target in the Fireworks Factory door and burst it open - BOOM! The walls of the factory blow open revealing its flaming interior! As the walls split apart, fireworks rockets fly into the sky! What a Blast!
  • Take On The 2 Player FAST BLAST Challenge. Challenge your friends and launch your Boom City Racers towards the Fireworks Factory side targets! Be the first to hit the target and Fire Up the rockets!
  • Double Trouble Ramp Jump. The Fireworks Factory includes two jump ramps. Use the ramps to create an epic 2 way aerial jump.
  • Includes An Exclusive Car! The Fireworks Factory comes with an exclusive "Da Boss" car! With it's explosive paintjob, it's ready for some big blasting fun!
  • Age 4+