Disney Pixar Minis Stackable Stories Scare Floor Pack Monsters Inc

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These stylized standalone mini figures have become the stars of a double Stackable Story toy themed to Disney and Pixar's Monsters, Inc. This stacked play space has 2 levels representing key settings from the movie the scare floor on top and the scary basement on the bottom! A slide-out platform on each level expands the play area. For maximum plot potential, the pack includes three mini figures legendary scarer Sulley, best pal Mike Wazowski and workplace rival Randall Boggs. With the detailed set, 3 figures and 2 slide out platforms, the story possibilities are anything but miniature. Find single stack themed playsets as well; together they can stack up a tower of fun. Each Stackable Stories pack sold separately and subject to availability. Makes a great gift for Pixar collectors, especially Monsters, Inc. fans. Colors, dimensions and decorations may vary.

  • Create your own doubly-delightful Pixar tale with this double-sized Stackable Stories pack inspired by Disney and Pixar's Monsters, Inc.
  • With 3 mini figure co-stars -- Sulley, Mike Wazowski and their nemesis Randall -- the themed story box is fun to go, or stack at home! The slide-in, slide-out platforms on each level extend the play and display possibilities!
  • It's a double display box with big impact, with a fully themed representation of 2 scaring locations from the movie the scare floor on top and the locker room on the bottom -- including molded-in accessories and details that really set the scene.
  • For towering fun, collectors will want to get all the single and double-sized Stackable Stories and stack 'em high!
  • Makes a great gift for Pixar collectors and fans of all ages, especially Monsters, Inc. fans!

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