GAN 354 M Standard

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    • GAN354 M V2, as an upgraded version of GAN354M, adopts a new type of axis technology, airfoil-shaped transparent plastic axis, which is light and stable.
    • Smaller size accessory-GAN354 M v2 has a height of only 54mm, which has a comfortable and compact feel, especially suitable for one-handed enthusiasts and smaller-handed cubes.
    • Advanced design-airfoil GANSCORE and digital nut-make it even better-the new GAN354M is now equipped with a lightweight and stable core, while the stroke can be adjusted manually.
    • 55°/ 30° corner cutting capability; edges and corner feet are designed to prevent pop-up and twist. Gan 354 M v2 has all the latest features, Speed Cube must be your record-breaker.

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