JOYTOY Warhammer 40K T'au Empire Xv8 Crisis Battlesuit 02

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JoyToy brings the JoyToy Action Figure Warhammer 40K T’au Empire Xv8 Crisis Battlesuit 02 to life with this new sequence of 1/18 scale figures. Every decide accommodates interchangeable arms and weapon instruments. The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is an advanced piece of T’au technology. These Battlesuits are issued to veteran Shas’ui Fire Warriors in order to provide the Tau military with a highly mobile weapons platform.

  1. Product Description
    • 7.16 inches (18.2 cm)
    • 1/18 Scale
    • Fabricated from plastic
    • Based completely on Warhammer 40K
    • Extraordinarily detailed
    • Completely articulated
  2. Box Contents
    • Xv8 Crisis Battlesuit 02 figures
      • 2 Laser Guns
      • Base