Montessori Kids Travel Toy Felt Activity Books

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Multi-dimensional Skill Development: This felt busy board for children incorporates a variety of life skill training elements such as lacing systems and zippers, providing a holistic approach to developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and daily living self-care abilities through interactive simulations of real-life scenarios.

Early Education Value: Specifically designed for toddlers, the toy helps introduce and reinforce basic life skills like tying shoelaces and using zippers, laying a strong foundation for independent living in preschool or primary school environments.

Safe Material Construction: Crafted from soft, skin-friendly, and non-toxic felt material, this product ensures child safety during play and practice sessions, giving parents peace of mind when purchasing.

Edutainment Experience: The toy is engagingly designed with playful elements that attract children to participate actively, transforming dry learning processes into enjoyable and interactive experiences that boost their interest and concentration levels.

Parent-Child Interaction: Not only suitable for solo practice by children, but the felt busy board is also ideal for parent-child activities, fostering enhanced interaction and bonding moments as they work together on the tasks.


Product name: Felt busy board

Material: Felt

Product use: classroom family

Product color: Pink blue


Pay attention to small parts to avoid choking