SmartGames Jack and The Beanstalk

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Once upon a timeā€¦

Discover the magic of the popular fairy tale with this dynamic 3D brain teaser for preschoolers. Can you help Jack climb up the beanstalk to the castle in the clouds? Can you drop the puzzle pieces down the beanstalk to match the image shown in the challenge? Watch out! The pieces will rotate as they fall down!

Jack and the Beanstalk includes 60Ā challenges and also features a family-friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story.

How To Play

Step 1

Select a challenge. Place the puzzle pieces in the grid of the beanstalk by inserting them on the topside and letting them drop down one-by-one.


Step 2

When a piece drops down it will tilt a number of times. You need to plan the orientation on the topside to make sure it shows the correct artwork when it lands in place.

Step 3

You have found the solution when the image on the puzzle pieces on the frontside matches the image of the challenge.

Category:Preschool Games

  • AgeĀ 4 - 7
  • # of ChallengesĀ 60
  • # of PlayersĀ 1
  • Inside the Box10 double-sided puzzle pieces, ladder frame, castle, booklet with 60 challenges and solutions, picture book
  • What the
    Experts Say
    Playing Jack and the Beanstalk stimulates the following cognitive skills:

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